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General Usage

Below are several screens of Qodem in general use.

Connecting to a telnet BBS:
DogHouse BBS Image

Playing TradeWars 2002:
TradeWars 2002 Image

Downloading a file using Zmodem:
Zmodem Download Image

Checking the scrollback buffer:
Scrollback Buffer Image

Editing a keyboard macro:
Keyboard Macro Image

The full DOS color palette:
vttest Colors Image

VTTest Scenarios

Qodem strives to have very good VT100 style emulation. Due to its platform it cannot quite reach every feature seen in the excellent xterm, but it does have some surprises in store. Below are some of the most important vttest screens that many other terminal emulators have trouble handling. Some examples of terminal emulators that have issues on these screens include putty, konsole, gnome-terminal, rxvt, the raw Linux console, minicom, ProComm Plus 4.8, Qmodem, and QmodemPro for Windows.

These screen captures were produced by running Qodem inside itself: the "outer" Qodem is using X_UTF8 emulation, the "inner" Qodem is using VT102. This demonstrates the resilience of both emulations: in order for the screen to look right, Qodem must be able to handle both the vttest output for VT102 and the xterm terminfo sequences used by ncurses.

Test of cursor movements:
vttest Image

Test of autowrap:
vttest Image

Test of control characters in escape sequences:
vttest Image

Test of wraparound mode:
vttest Image

Test of TAB set/reset:
vttest Image

Test of graphics rendition:
vttest Image

Test of save/restore cursor:
vttest Image

Test of character sets:
vttest Image

Test of double-width characters part 1:
vttest Image

Test of double-width characters part 2:
vttest Image

Test of VT52 submode part 1:
vttest Image

Test of VT52 submode part 2:
vttest Image