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General Project Information

The Qodem Project is an effort to retain some of the best concepts of the BBS era on modern systems.

Qodem was started in 2003 when Kevin Lamonte had the desire for a program that could:

After some searching, he determined that no open-source programs existed at the time that filled that need. Good ssh clients either required X11 or lacked keyboard macros; good console applications lacked scrollback and capture support; and almost no one had re-implemented Zmodem. He realized that what he ultimately wanted was to be able to use his favorite BBS-era communications program Qmodem on Linux. So he started writing his own version and along the way tried to show how the ideas of Qmodem continue to provide a great user experience on today's systems.

Qodem was originally thought to only require 20,000-ish lines of code (measured with 'wc') to replicate the key features of Qmodem™. lrzsz was supposed to handle the file transfer protocols; command-line clients would handle the actual connections; Qodem would be more glue than anything else. However, each key feature turned out to be much more extensive: VT100 required a lot of testing; file transfer protocols had to be implemented inline to provide proper reporting and user control; eventual Win32 support required code to handle telnet/rlogin/etc.; host mode required server-side code for the protocols, and integrating with UPnP was an obvious needed feature; the list goes on. Today qodem exceeds 99,000 lines of code. The point now is to go far beyond feature parity with Qmodem™ and instead strive to be an excellent client for all servers, including both modern and vintage: Linux/BSD, VMS, and of course BBSes. A general project post-mortem is available here. A far more detailed work log of the long slog from day 1 to 1.0.0 is here.


Qodem was originally Copyrighted (c) 2003-2015 Kevin Lamonte. Versions 0.0.1 through 1.0alpha (spanning the years 2003-2012) are licensed under the GNU Public License version 2 or later.

As of Tuesday, May 26, 2015, Qodem has been dedicated to the public domain. To the extent possible under law, Kevin Lamonte has dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any warranty. For jurisdictions that do not recognize the public domain, Qodem is also available under the terms of the CC0 license.

About Qmodem

Qmodem set a very high bar for PC communications software. For many years the standard response to "What comm program should I use?" was "Get Qmodem, it's the best." Qmodem was more than a terminal emulator, it was one's window into the wider online world. Web browser features like bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and user-side scripts can trace their lineage at least in part through Qmodem.

Some of Qmodem's history is outlined on its Wikipedia page. Some other references to Qmodem in hardcopy books include:

Qmodem Release Archive

This page archives as many versions of Qmodem releases as possible, and related utilities.

Mustang Software was allegedly contacted at some time regarding Qmodem sales and responded with the statement "Get the crack file from the internet. We have washed our company from the product." Kevin Lamonte contacted Santronics (the purchasers of Quintus, who purchased Mustang Software) in 2003 and the representative said much the same thing. Qmodem appears to legally be "abandonware": it appears that no parties with the legal right to control its copyright desire to do so.

The following versions are still missing in action:

Below are the versions of Qmodem and related utilities found so far:
qmodem23.zip Qmodem 2.3 - Also includes Turbo-Term 0.96 by Wayne Bell
qm40dsk1.zip Qmodem 4.0 Disk 1/5
qm40dsk2.zip Qmodem 4.0 Disk 2/5
qm40dsk3.zip Qmodem 4.0 Disk 3/5
qm40dsk4.zip Qmodem 4.0 Disk 4/5
qm40dsk5.zip Qmodem 4.0 Disk 5/5
qm40new.zip Qmodem 4.0 - new features announcement
qm40fmts.zip Qmodem 4.0 - Pascal source description of file formats
qm41dsk1.zip Qmodem 4.1 Disk 1/5
qm41dsk2.zip Qmodem 4.1 Disk 2/5
qm41dsk3.zip Qmodem 4.1 Disk 3/5
qm41dsk4.zip Qmodem 4.1 Disk 4/5
qm41dsk5.zip Qmodem 4.1 Disk 5/5
qm41b1.zip Qmodem 4.1B Disk 1/5
qm41b2.zip Qmodem 4.1B Disk 2/5
qm41b3.zip Qmodem 4.1B Disk 3/5
qm41b4.zip Qmodem 4.1B Disk 4/5
qm41b5.zip Qmodem 4.1B Disk 5/5
qm41bjiv.zip Qmodem 4.1B - "JIVE" emulation support
qm42_1.zip Qmodem 4.2 Disk 1/4
qm42_2.zip Qmodem 4.2 Disk 2/4
qm42_3.zip Qmodem 4.2 Disk 3/4
qm42_4.zip Qmodem 4.2 Disk 4/4
qm42a_1.zip Qmodem 4.2A Disk 1/4
qm42a_2.zip Qmodem 4.2A Disk 2/4
qm42a_3.zip Qmodem 4.2A Disk 3/4
qm42a_4.zip Qmodem 4.2A Disk 4/4
qm42c_1.zip Qmodem 4.2C Disk 1/4
qm42c_2.zip Qmodem 4.2C Disk 2/4
qm42c_3.zip Qmodem 4.2C Disk 3/4
qm42c_4.zip Qmodem 4.2C Disk 4/4
qm42d_1.zip Qmodem 4.2D Disk 1/4
qm42d_2.zip Qmodem 4.2D Disk 2/4
qm42d_3.zip Qmodem 4.2D Disk 3/4
qm42d_4.zip Qmodem 4.2D Disk 4/4
qm42e1.zip Qmodem 4.2E Disk 1/4
qm42e2.zip Qmodem 4.2E Disk 2/4
qm42e3.zip Qmodem 4.2E Disk 3/4
qm42e4.zip Qmodem 4.2E Disk 4/4
qm42e2f.zip Patch to upgrade Qmodem 4.2E to 4.2F
qm42f-1.zip Qmodem 4.2F Disk 1/4
qm42f-2.zip Qmodem 4.2F Disk 2/4
qm42f-3.zip Qmodem 4.2F Disk 3/4
qm42f-4.zip Qmodem 4.2F Disk 4/4
qm43_1.zip Qmodem 4.3 Disk 1/4
qm43_2.zip Qmodem 4.3 Disk 2/4
qm43_3.zip Qmodem 4.3 Disk 3/4
qm43_4.zip Qmodem 4.3 Disk 4/4
qm431-1.zip Qmodem 4.31 Disk 1/4
qm431-2.zip Qmodem 4.31 Disk 2/4
qm431-3.zip Qmodem 4.31 Disk 3/4
qm431-4.zip Qmodem 4.31 Disk 4/4
q43to431.zip Patch to upgrade Qmodem 4.3 to 4.31
qm45lite.zip Qmodem 4.5 Lite. This is almost identical to Qmodem 5.0, minus script support. It has no nag screen or installer, it is ready to just unzip into a directory and go.
qmod45td.zip Qmodem 4.5 Test Drive
qm452td.zip Qmodem 4.52 Test Drive
qm46-td.zip Qmodem 4.6 Test Drive
qm5.zip Qmodem 5.0. This is the version Qodem is modeled after.
qm5new.zip Qmodem 5.0 - new features announcement
qm-olx.zip Patch to upgrade Qmodem 5.0 to 5.01 and OLX 2.1 to 2.2
qm501fix.zip A crack for Qmodem 5.01 to skip the splash screen
qmfix.zip Avoid the 15-second registration pause for Qmodem 4.x
qmserial.zip Registration code generator for Qmodem
qm_hst_c.zip Colorized host mode menus
pcpl2qm.zip Convert Procomm Plus 1.1 and 2.0 phone book files to Qmodem 5.0 and Qmodem Test Drive 4.5 format
pctqmd.zip Pascal source program that converts a PC-Talk phone book file to Qmodem format
qmdmsort.zip C source program that can sort a Qmodem phone book by several different criteria
qmfonmv.zip C program + source that can move entries in a Qmodem 5.0 phone book
qmpro10_dxp.zip QmodemPro 1.0, as a DXP self-extracting 1.44MB disk image
qmpro10.zip QmodemPro 1.0 files from the DXP self-extracting 1.44MB disk image. A serial number assured to work is 41-0001.
qmpro150.zip QmodemPro 1.50
qmpro151.exe Patch to upgrade QmodemPro from 1.50 to 1.51
qmpro152.zip Patch to upgrade QmodemPro from 1.51 to 1.52
qmpro.zip QmodemPro 1.53 For DOS. Currently registered to "Grim Reaper", delete QMPRO.CNF and enter a new registration code if desired (66-3454 works). This is the last version of QmodemPro for DOS.
qmwin.zip QmodemPro for Windows 1.0 - new features announcement
qm101.zip Patch to update QmodemPro for Windows from 1.0 to 1.01
qmwin110.zip Patch to update QmodemPro for Windows from 1.01 to 1.10
qmwin111.zip Patch to update QmodemPro for Windows from 1.10 to 1.11
qwin111c.zip Patch to update QmodemPro for Windows from 1.11 to 1.11c
qm2_1.zip QmodemPro For Windows 95 v2.1. Includes a registration key and crack. This appears to be the most recent version available on the Internet.
qmpwin_2.zip QmodemPro For Windows 95 v2.1. Includes a crack to avoid registration check.
qmcracks.zip Serial numbers for various versions of Qmodem/QmodemPro, and a description of cracking the "Timelock" software used in QmodemPro For Windows95 v2.x.
qm421km.arj Key-maker generator for QmodemPro for Windows 2.1

The Qmodem 4.6 Test Drive user's guide is reproduced below in several formats: