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Download Links

The top-level Qodem download archive containing all released versions is at SourceForge:
                                                   Download Page

Other operating system links:
Windows installer Windows
             Setup Package
Source tarball for Linux, BSD, and Mac Source Tarball
             works on Linux and BSD Source
             Tarball works on Linux and BSD Source
             Tarball works on Linux and BSD
Mac DMG containing App Bundle (loads Qodem in Terminal.app) Mac App Bundle
             (opens in Terminal.app)
Debian DEB and Fedora RPM packages for curses and X11 Debian DEB
        and Fedora RPM packages for curses and X11 Debian DEB
        and Fedora RPM packages for curses and X11


The latest official release of Qodem is 1.0.0, available from the SourceForge.net download section. The table below lists the available files and SHA1/SHA256 hashes.

Filename Description SHA-1 SHA-256
qodem-1.0.0.tar.gz Source tarball - All platforms 428f4b4e20ddaa4737bb790c590ee9e6ac7cf528 3365b83981dc3682377bfd63386a7a51dbcfa59a6c66afba87b70c15933c76dd
qodem-1.0.0-setup.exe Windows 32-bit Installer 9aa5fe83c7d9e0e46bf84fd7b73b4cf6fe143a60 bf7846de782b4f6d022a9b07239b1f88f867eec99c6992f338871b55cf6bc011
qodem-1.0.0-standalone.exe Windows 32-bit Standalone Executable 81d371d8b2a8eca5b08c6622cd0cde6b5b5f21b5 a3656fd1015a3e93060f566800ec58abe06a33ce676edc414fc4163a5eaf25f0
qodem_1.0.0-1_amd64.deb Debian Linux 64-bit - Curses/Command Line 28efa0ead248dc94fffb514ab5d43a6c1ca3e03e a4d3dfd81e2807b41e6b5d130fe49eec285f8ae97716706ae1d4fd508cba166a
qodem-x11_1.0.0-1_amd64.deb Debian Linux 64-bit - X11 709794e75db6e79c62a0494b5a20ecbd10a5e623 662578d7ec524c5253a9f8f25bb8a9bd2308d0509b413241a276c83c8c525f9c
qodem_1.0.0-1_i386.deb Debian Linux 32-bit - Curses/Command Line 0397be8a9dd76c401c8fc321cd9e421905923c7c 7e385057255c654cd5cafa27f9f91b1c63684ff0e84edb465e1c01a273b6fec0
qodem-x11_1.0.0-1_i386.deb Debian Linux 32-bit - X11 6342da696df2855a1f0d018db080f89e2c537cc5 d06fe072d66e97a2d52c91e29706a17398dbd14e15021aad6107a00241acc7da
qodem-1.0.0-1.fc25.x86_64.rpm Fedora Linux 64-bit - Curses/Command Line dbf3752c5e50add4b2de82f2e92c155771f16508 5f6df3608404373eadf63c36303cede8e0a1416913be7f19e21595493e39727a
qodem-x11-1.0.0-1.fc25.x86_64.rpm Fedora Linux 64-bit - X11 8c7acfd712a93e9ac9af795ffd0eef0d640b3541 8462f707d016eb9295b3276dfd810d6866dfdf3450acaa5a56b29ba219ecdf7b
qodem-1.0.0-1.fc25.i686.rpm Fedora Linux 32-bit - Curses/Command Line 9c5f99548d29529ebf6e7ca6908baf65fda259dc 682da64293a4c25c5e54717969199f156a20d9ca13c21e4252093b81001feb25
qodem-x11-1.0.0-1.fc25.i686.rpm Fedora Linux 32-bit - X11 d7883a3b96c06628263f0877220b0036735c9c45 59d2d99bd96a675a4ddea86eec5b1490acc3c822408b727a558f7a28e231afde
qodem-1.0.0.dmg OSX 64-bit - App Bundle (loads qodem-bin in Terminal.app) 8cfc4ab60fa6ba24d23e161bf1e3ec94c6f935c2 31330f9245646d4725e05b3e98f8f919237d3a4fa8d5718fb81b416b7587d08a

X11 Version Notes

To build the X11 version, run configure --enable-x11 and make. PDCurses will be built first in the lib/pdcurses subdirectory, and then Qodem will be built as qodem-x11.

Some known issues of the X11 build are:

Win32 Version Notes

To build the Win32 version, build each of the following projects in Visual C++:

Then rename the vc6qodem.exe produced to qodem.exe and use InnoSetup with the build/win32/qodem-isetup.iss script to create the final installer.

Some known issues of the Win32 build are:


Qodem relies on external code/libraries:

Building Qodem

Qodem uses GNU autoconf, but may have problems on some less-tested platforms (e.g. BSD, OSX). For those who wish to get a working binary, a much simpler makefile is provided in build/Makefile.generic. Execute make -f build/Makefile.generic clean qodem to build. CFLAGS and LDLIBS may need to be adjusted to suit.