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Download Links

The top-level Qodem download archive containing all released versions is at SourceForge:
                                                   Download Page

Other operating system links:
Windows installer Windows
             Setup Package
Source tarball for Linux, BSD, and Mac Source Tarball
             works on Linux and BSD Source
             Tarball works on Linux and BSD Source
             Tarball works on Linux and BSD
Mac DMG containing App Bundle (loads Qodem in Terminal.app) Mac App Bundle
             (opens in Terminal.app)
Debian DEB and Fedora RPM packages for curses and X11 Debian DEB
        and Fedora RPM packages for curses and X11 Debian DEB
        and Fedora RPM packages for curses and X11


The latest official release of Qodem is 1.0beta, available from the SourceForge.net download section. The table below lists the available files and SHA1/SHA256 hashes.

Filename Description SHA-1 SHA-256
qodem-1.0beta.tar.gz Source tarball - All platforms bf0b9477ecf4928ee74ec30a280713a88359be4c b8683571c026bb0ae02c19ec5417bd373fa2a29e2dbe6b68d0655192553007e7
qodem-1.0beta-setup.exe Windows 32-bit Installer e5007b41480071c69c4c37799e3ace63b7cce011 0a8448158fe00ea8bb4ef1f2ad98d94bb4be528eee28875c5ec54419d7a48fb6
qodem-1.0beta-standalone.exe Windows 32-bit Standalone Executable a9f90840bb13bd2d763ebb948e8e4ff44fd3f4cb c524e41c391a219caec6aef52e1e96f38eb7b0c3a584bbe070f1a83f237ae05d
qodem_1.0~beta-1_amd64.deb Debian Linux 64-bit - Curses/Command Line f7cddcc036d2a811867be82452ce61c628d6fb7b eb22256933fa406b3e04d3c2cdfedec8f4b51c243985d22416ff1c740414e034
qodem-x11_1.0~beta-1_amd64.deb Debian Linux 64-bit - X11 d40c442bd2c9ca40d1a213e58712bda7dad61578 db98a19b5b98b98c799ce46816b0353759facf5cb001f9bc4874327a20976b83
qodem_1.0~beta-1_i386.deb Debian Linux 32-bit - Curses/Command Line 68af5a50bad3dc71600d444e90ff99eec27afe06 80dc06d30e79ec28fb747cea557ba202bd4ed733ef3a05c9661e0e12b81b1bb4
qodem-x11_1.0~beta-1_i386.deb Debian Linux 32-bit - X11 c245cbd18175cf2047f6b3fae66cd6a18c4f9087 e7b90b3a38d8339b7f4a3789882d622006243aafcfd287c2f9db1fcccd183407
qodem-1.0beta-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm Fedora Linux 64-bit - Curses/Command Line ee8beb5be93160f12b34c14f688fa263c4e10c3d e09be23f0a062881235eee08a27d23ac63c931eac8c7030c57a85a8370c55fcf
qodem-x11-1.0beta-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm Fedora Linux 64-bit - X11 b74d35dc05e05e69aed7f2be567e21af58a92c5d 6089ef56f50b56a2338741f0b869da88530358197594345e7c706f4e5adc6b43
qodem-1.0beta-1.fc22.i686.rpm Fedora Linux 32-bit - Curses/Command Line 7bbac5f65a386fce06d85d5014698d3ca44f31f0 eaf8091bd953b5ad5a86ced800da6b6bf634230e6416e7bd0de3ea34b5cf57d5
qodem-x11-1.0beta-1.fc22.i686.rpm Fedora Linux 32-bit - X11 d064e1a7edbb2ec8a8229b357460f656f0d6ba51 8123dace0710569d9d3627c332fad4d6370834eb8d4282077bd380f55bde15ae
qodem-1.0beta.dmg OSX 64-bit - App Bundle (loads qodem-bin in Terminal.app) 34584f3b488a09ec8e412f7f018f52ea692f3012 e604c0e9b0572099adec3989d233d97b619d82b475bfb6aeb6572044f22ec646

X11 Version Notes

To build the X11 version, run configure --enable-x11 and make. PDCurses will be built first in the lib/pdcurses subdirectory, and then Qodem will be built as qodem-x11.

Some known issues of the X11 build are:

Win32 Version Notes

To build the Win32 version, build each of the following projects in Visual C++:

Then rename the vc6qodem.exe produced to qodem.exe and use InnoSetup with the build/win32/qodem-isetup.iss script to create the final installer.

Some known issues of the Win32 build are:


Qodem relies on external code/libraries:

1.0.0 Development Snapshot

A work-in-progress 1.0.0 development source tarball is available here. The corresponding Windows installer is here.

New features in the development version include:

Building Qodem

Qodem uses GNU autoconf, but may have problems on some less-tested platforms (e.g. BSD, OSX). For those who wish to get a working binary, a much simpler makefile is provided in build/Makefile.generic. Execute make -f build/Makefile.generic clean qodem to build. CFLAGS and LDLIBS may need to be adjusted to suit.

General Comments

All features for the 1.0.0 release are now present, though some may have bugs.

This project was originally thought to only require 20,000-ish lines of code (measured with 'wc') to replicate the key features of Qmodem™. lrzsz was supposed to handle the file transfer protocols; command-line clients would handle the actual connections. Qodem would be more glue than anything else. However, each key feature turned out to be much more extensive: VT100 required a lot of testing; file transfer protocols had to be implemented inline to provide proper reporting and user control; eventual Win32 support required code to handle telnet/rlogin/etc.; host mode required server-side code for the protocols, and integrating with UPnP was an obvious needed feature; the list goes on. Today qodem exceeds 95,000 LOC but has only a few bugs to go. The point now of 1.0.0 is to finish the vision: go beyond feature parity with Qmodem™ and instead strive to be an excellent client for modern BBSes and other servers. See here for a more detailed discussion of the long slog to 1.0.0.